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The Boat House is an inspirational self-catering home and its location in Rothiemurchus makes it the only one of its kind and work for you whatever the season.

You won’t really want to leave –  Rothiemurchus is one of the best loved places in Scotland; as well as being stunningly beautiful, it makes you feel special and better.  There are so many ways to enjoy this amazing place.

Loch an Eilein in low cloud


For over 450 years my family and many others have loved this inspirational place. It has been fought over, sung and written about, painted, photographed, filmed and visited, over and over again. Nature and people live in harmony in Rothiemurchus.  At is heart lies one of the largest areas of continuous forest in Britain with an extraordinary variety of wildlife that depend on it to survive and nowadays, there are so many ways you can enjoy you can enjoy this wonderful place and help care for it.

Johnnie Grant of Rothiemurchus

Red Squirrel, Rothiemurchus

Local Wildlife

Sir David Attenborough described Rothiemurchus as:

“One of the glories of wild Scotland.”

“Rothiemurchus has become a name which is etched deep in the consciousness of Scotland and which holds an exceptional place in the natural history of Scotland.”

“Today Rothiemurchus has become an icon of enlightened conservation management.”  Magnus Magnusson, KBE, Chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage

The long term care of a diverse habitat enables wildlife, including many endangered species to thrive in Rothiemurchus which conserved and enhances biodiversity.

Local Wildlife