Continuing our Clan heritage

The Grant family have been custodians of Rothiemurchus for eighteen generations, since 1574.

Noted naturalist, Roy Dennis OBE, described Col. John Peter Grant as a ‘member of the local native fauna, as is his son today. I think it is important to remind ourselves of how long people and nature have co-existed in places such as Rothiemurchus and how close indigenous people still feel to the land’.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge

We are grateful to work with many people with a long history in Strathspey and The Highlands. We have a deep respect for Traditional Ecological Knowledge, unique to this community and place, handed on from generation to generation.

Indigenous Practices

Our history gives us the patience and foresight to wait for the trees to grow in the knowledge that we may not live to harvest them, as our ancestors did before us. Parts of the woodland at Rothiemurchus have a rotation plan of over 120 years.

Air Son Ma Dùthchas

The Grant of Rothiemurchus clan motto is: Air Son Ma Dùthchas, which translates from Gaelic as For My Duchus.

Our Duchus is all things that are under our care.

Dùthchus is what we inherit, and what we pass on; the land where we belong and the land that belongs to us; the living things we are responsible for and our responsibilities to living things; the communities and web of life that ties these together.

Ecologically, once you lay out land variably to suit all other species, you are committed to complex and long-term land management. Gaelic ethics explains and enforces this commitment. All things are responsible for others in their Duthchas and their habitats.

Living by the Gaelic Ethos

Today, we all understand that to create a thriving community and business sustainably, we need to care for all living things in our environment. This ethos connects Rothiemurchus to our family motto and our Gaelic roots.


Rothiemurchus Forest Plan



Forest History


Ancient Wood Pasture